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NDC was founded with major business objectives of production and sales of dry-chemical fire extinguishers in April 1955. In our history of nearly 60 years, NDC has expanded business to designing and construction of fire protection system for general buildings, industrial plants, ships, maintenance and inspection services for fire protection system and production and sales of fire extinguishers and fire trucks. Now it has developed into a full service provider of the fire protection that answers various customers' needs.

The NDC Group deploys the following 5 businesses today.

  1. Fire protection business (designing and construction of fire protection system for buildings, industrial plants and ships)
  2. Maintenance business (maintenance and inspection of various fire extinguishers and fire protection system in compliance with the Fire Services Act and derivative repairs and modification)
  3. Product business (production and sales of various types of fire extinguishers and sales of disaster prevention products)
  4. Fire engine business (production and sales of various models of fire trucks)
  5. Global business (designing of fire protection system, procurement of equipments and import and sales of overseas products)

In addition to the above 5 businesses, Oki Denki Bohsai Co., Ltd. became a member of our group last October, and expanded our fire detection and alarm capabilities.

NDC also signed a basic business alliance contract with Hatsuta Seisakusho Co., Ltd. last May, to expand the fire business as well as promoting globalization of the business. Our aim is to achieve the top share in the fire extinguisher industry.

Furthermore, NDC will seek business opportunities in the global market to increase its sales volume through partnership with Tyco Group, a market leader in the global fire protection and security solutions industry which NDC formerly belonged to.

Through such alliance strategies, the NDC Group will pursue differentiation as the true “Total solution provider for fire protection and detection” that answers all needs for fire protection, from automatic fire alarms to fire extinguishing systems. We will carry out our social responsibilities by developing products with consideration to the environment, and will endeavor for further fulfillment of the production, sales, construction and maintenance systems, so that we can offer high quality products and services under the corporate policy: “we will offer safety and security to the people as a professional in fire protection business”.

April 1st, 2013
Eiichi Tohyama, President