Fire Extinguishing Systems for Own Vessel

Carbon Dioxide Gas (CO2) Fire Extinguishing Systems/Low Pressure Type

This device consists of a large-capacity tank for storing liquid carbon dioxide (-18oC, 2.1 MPa), refrigerator, and a carbon dioxide gas discharge control unit. Compared to high-pressure types, this device requires less space, costs less to install, and is designed for easy refilling of carbon dioxide gas to reduce anchorage time. NDC designs and manufactures a variety of tanks in the range from 10 to 60 liters.

Features Compared to High-Pressure Types

  • Requires nearly half the installation space, which leaves more space for storage.
  • Periodic inspection of the carbon dioxide weight is not required.
  • Less expensive piping and equipment installation.
  • Easy carbon dioxide discharge control.
  • Refilling with carbon dioxide after use is easy, which shortens the anchorage time.
Carbon dioxide gas (CO2) tank unit Carbon dioxide gas (CO2) control panel

Carbon Dioxide(CO2) Fire Extinguishing Systems/High Pressure Type

The carbon dioxide fire extinguisher system is installed in sealed areas, such as machine rooms, boiler rooms, pump rooms, cargo equipment rooms, and cargo areas. NDC's compact systems that utilize the fire extinguishing characteristics of carbon dioxide gas have been used a ship fire extinguishing equipment for many years. NDC designs and manufactures fire extinguishing equipment following all the countries' standards, such as SOLAS JG, NK, LRS, ABS, etc.


  • Quick discharge time minimizes the damage from fire.
  • Liquid carbon dioxide gas is odorless, harmless, and has a purity of at least 99.5%, which results in very little stain damage to the burning materials.
  • Carbon dioxide gas has a much heavier specific gravity than air, so it will penetrate into any gap.
  • The systems use a self-compressed discharge, which reduces equipment cost.
  • Liquid carbon dioxide gas has a heat of vaporization that is much higher than other inflammable gases.
  • Liquid carbon dioxide gas does not degrade during storage.
  • Liquid carbon dioxide gas has a gasification coefficient of expansion of 530 times, so it requires little storage space.
  • Liquid carbon dioxide gas can be easily handled at less expense than other inflammable gases.
  • Liquid carbon dioxide gas has an electric insulation value that is 1.2 times that of air, so it can be safely used when high-voltage equipment is operating.
  • The fire extinguishing effect of carbon dioxide gas is not affected by cold temperatures and so exhibits excellent performance in frigid areas.

Powder Fire Extinguishing System

As is introduced for the ship self-fire extinguishing systems, the following models are offered as powder fire extinguishing systems for ship firefighting and powder fire extinguishing systems for boats that protect large ships.

  • Model XTN Thunder 2,000 kg
  • Model XTN Thunder 3,000 kg
  • Model XTN Thunder 5,100 kg