Other Systems

Other Fire Extinguishing Systems

1. Fixed N2 Inert Gas Fire Extinguishing System
Installing an inert gas fire extinguishing system is required when transporting chemical products and dangerous substances. NDC's fixed N2 inert gas fire extinguishing systems meet the standards of all countries, such as SOLAS, NK, JG, and BV.
2. Galley Exhaust Duct Fire Extinguishing System
The installation of fixed fire extinguishing systems is required where ship galley stove exhaust ducts pass by living quarters and flammable materials. NDC's duct internal fixed carbon dioxide gas fire extinguishing systems (automatic and manual) are designed and manufactured to meet the requirements of SOLAS, IMO, and the country of registry.
3. Loaded Stream Fire Extinguishing System for Deep Fryer Galley Equipment
The SOLAS Treaty No.II-2 Deep Fryer Galley Equipment (Pots with a depth of 230 mm or more for the overflow of cooking oil) to be issued on July 1, 2002 requires that automatic or manual fire extinguishers be installed. NDC is preparing to design and manufacture to obtain development and model approval for loaded stream fire extinguishing systems.
4. Inert gas (IG-541) Fire Extinguishing Systems
Inert gas (IG-541) fire extinguishers extinguish fires by reducing the oxygen concentration while increasing the carbon dioxide concentration in the burning area, which maintains the aspiration balance for the human self-breathing action to make the system safe for humans. This innovative new gas is also non-polluting with values of 0 for both the ozone destruction index and global warming index. NDC has delivered many systems for land applications, such as for hospitals and precision equipment assembly plants, and so we expect good performance from these systems for ship fire extinguishing applications.