Fire Extinguishing Systems for Other Vessel

Systems for Other Vessel

Fixed foam fire extinguishing systems mix a foam concentrate and water at a fixed ratio, mechanically agitate this mixture to create an air-filled foam and then cover the burning areas with this foam to cut off the oxygen supply and cool the area to extinguish oil fires. The system is designed for large ship fires, oil combinats, fireboats for other fires in other seaside industrial facilities, and ship firefighting vessels, such as tugboats.

<Main Equipments>

  • Electric motor extendable water spraying tower (Standard: 7 m stroke)
  • Electric, hydraulic, and manual water guns
  • Foam nozzles and water variable spray nozzles
  • Pump proportioner

Powder Fire Extinguishing System

As is introduced for the ship self-fire extinguishing systems, the following models are offered as powder fire extinguishing systems for ship firefighting and powder fire extinguishing systems for boats that protect large ships.

  • Model XTN Thunder 2,000 kg
  • Model XTN Thunder 3,000 kg
  • Model XTN Thunder 5,100 kg